These days, consumers expect their brands to create content. It is important to think about what your viewers want to see. People want real, informative content. Below are some channels that you should consider when content marketing.


You can find a podcast for virtually anything: Comedy, information, inspiration, and ASMR. If you can think of it, someone has created a podcast about it. The best content will develop a relationship with their consumer first. Podcasts can be great for your business. Consumers can take your content with them on the go and listen to it at any time. This makes podcasts an advertisement for your business with a long shelf life; especially if they will see your content as a trustworthy source of information. For example, Microsoft has a podcast called .future, which talks about technologies and industries that will play a big part in society in the future. Your company needs to look beyond the sale. Look up other podcasts in a similar field, and it will help on ideas for the best practices for producing this content.


Utilizing a video-based content creation platform is a powerful tool for your business. Content is king: but a respected king is someone who engages their subjects. Let’s take an example from one of the largest platforms available: YouTube. We will use a specific company as an example: doTERRA. Looking at doTERRA’s YouTube page, you can see they don’t just talk about essential oils, but have a wide range of diverse topics that establishes them in the minds of their customers as experts in the holistic health industry. doTERRA’s emphasis on sustainability is a meaningful topic in the essential oils industry. Find meaningful topics in your industry. Apply your upload schedule to your target audience. Know when they are awake and active and looking for your brand of content. Provide a regular schedule of weekly to bi-weekly uploads to keep people up-to-date on what is happening in your company.

Interactive Content

Reading and watching are important aspects. Interactive content is the next step in modern advertising. This platform is like having a two-way conversation with your consumer of choice. Putting a financial calculator on your page or 360 video content are a few examples. One good example in particular is when Samsung was rolling out their Gear VR camera, they made a 360 video that showed someone using it while snowboarding.

Use many different platforms to advertise your business. This keeps you interesting. You will encourage those who are seeking an authority figure to seek your company. Focus on meaningful information, relationship building, and client needs above all else. Consumers will see this, and seek you above others as a result.

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