Many companies are aware of the importance of viral marketing. It goes beyond creating more name recognition and social media shares. Instead, it also impacts your business’ bottom line.

Viral marketing is when a campaign or post spreads so quickly it mimics a virus. The marketing strategy is designed to spread messages and get people jabbering. Most companies try to use viral marketing to get their news out to potential customers faster. However, several offline strategies cause marketing campaigns to go viral. Typically, most businesses agree that when a blog post or video “goes viral,” there is an element of luck involved.

However, some businesses believe that it is possible to reverse engineer viral content by creating a strategic marketing system. The system is to develop design-driven content that provides high-value information to target audiences. If you want to include viral marketing strategies in your business, here are the top viral marketing techniques companies are using to bring in more traffic and create more sales.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a great way to get messages or information to go viral. Social media platforms are focused on deriving income from advertising, meaning they are incredibly excited to promote your content! Paid advertising is one of the easiest ways to get content to go viral while gaining thousands of viewers.

PR Coverage

PR teams can help businesses get more traffic to their websites and stores because PR is designed to get people talking about the company. The goal is to reach the audience with the PR campaign by promoting content to larger media organizations.

Features on Top Blogs

Getting featured on another blog can improve your SEO because it provides backlinks. When you provide a feature for a blog that already gets a lot of traffic, you will see a massive bump in your readership. This will happen because you can reach their entire audience. The blog will often promote the content to their email list and via their social media channels, ensuring that the business’ name and message are reaching large audiences.

Promoting through AMAs

An “ask me anything” campaign on social media platforms or through the blog can allow industry leaders and market leaders to provide insight into their business and their niche. It is a perfect way to engage the audience while delivering valuable information. AMAs often go viral because people like seeing what happens behind the scenes. Audiences prefer getting to know the people behind the business by asking detailed and thought-provoking questions.

Social Outreach Programs

Social outreach or pro-bono work is a way to establish connections with audiences and communities. It will also allow volunteers to become more involved with the community and your business.

Call to Action on Social Media

Every social media post needs to have a call to action. This is a marketing tool perfected over decades to improve the conversion rates with an audience!